A Choir is a company of singers, especially an organized group employed in church service. any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one: string choir.

Choirs are also categorized by the institutions in which they operate:

  • Church (including cathedral) choirs.
  • Chorale (Kantorei), dedicated to mostly sacred Christian music.
  • Collegiate and university choir.
  • Community choir (of children or adults)
  • Professional choir, either independent (e.g. Anúna, The Sixteen) or state-supported (e.g., BBC Singers, National Chamber Choir of Ireland, Canadian …
  • School choirs.
  • Signing choir using sign language rather than voices.
  • Integrated signing and singing choir, using both sign language and voices and led by both a signductor and a musical director.